We have a tight knit partnership with several Danish farmers, and a few Spanish wine producers. The partners we have are some of the best in their fields, so check them out!


Top quality pork meat. Not only is the meat great, but the pigs couldn’t have it better than they do at HindsholmGrisen. They go in for animal welfare and healthy and assure you only the best and most natural outcome.


Grantoftegaard is family built farming company, that takes their produce and chickens very seriously. They are 100% ecological and has been since 1997. They have eggs, chicken, veggies and veal.

Familia Torres

The Torres are a well-known name in Spain, and for good reason. The soil is being seen to with utmost care and love. These wine producers produce some of the best tasting wines there is to date. Have a look at our menu card and try one of our favourites: Torres Mas La Plana.